New rig opinion, more cores or more disk space?

Would it be better to go with a 16 core cpu with 56tb HDD for more plots in parallel or 8 core CPU with 84 TB HDD? What happens when my drives are full?

I think the answer partially comes down to your longer term investment plan. If you see yourself buying more hard drive space later, getting the faster rig now makes sense because it will mean you can more quickly catch up to the net space growth.

However, if you think this is going to be the extent of your investment, I would optimize for overall plot count, and go with the rig that can plot less quickly but store more plots overall.


Agreed with @dchuk , but counterpoint… If you decide long term chia farming isn’t for you, or, heaven forbid, things don’t go as well with chia blockchain as we think it will, you might want to go with the more powerful machine so you have more options for redeploying it down the road.

I’d definitely get more cores, though I would hesitate at jumping all the way to threadripper (32c/64t) due to the big price jump. And the Zen 3 version of threadripper won’t be out for a few more months anyway…

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Thanks. I will be looking to expand my storage later so Ill go with the 16 core now. Hopefully there will still be some HDD stock left later on.