New to Chia. Please send a single mojo to my new farm

Address: xch1ttk6dqc8h7ww06ujmrw25n7quhpujmcacf2ggpqg4h2qn046sx6q62n9la

i really appreciate it and will help newbies myself once I get experience and Chias

I bought Chia on Pionex exchange but somehow they blocked a wallet for trasfer, it is only available for trading.

you can enter your address there and it will send you a mojo


I don’t understand the “I’m new, send me chia” concept. Use a faucet, there are plenty. Instead of giving you Chia, I’ll give you a little education. Chia can be earned or bought. Go earn you some.

Hi, Jesus. Thank you for your wisdom. Wonder to know how do you treat homeless people or street musicians?

Thank you!. I read the manual on Farming/Harvesting and faucets were not mentioned there.

I was so happy that there was a sane person who send me a mojo! Thank you very much. I wish you all the best, live long and prosper!

The Chia community is extremely supportive & friendly. Your request was just a little strange

Your situation is probably rather different to those on the street - I doubt too many homeless people have the privilege of worrying about how to farm Chia


No need to be formal, you don’t need to call me that. Greg is fine.

Street musicians, homeless ? If they have the money to run a chia farm then they shouldn’t be out begging for free chia like someone else I know.

@ChiaJoe is correct. I (and many others) enjoy helping others here in the community and have done a lot of it. Your request is just odd. You can get mojo from faucets as I and others have pointed out. Asking for free chia because you’re new is just odd when you could just fire up a very small farm, get one mojo from a faucet, use that mojo to join a pool and have many mojo in a very short time.

Good luck. I really hope you enjoy your chia journey and look forward to hearing how your farm grows.

Hi, Greg. I did read a user manual and it clearly says “you need a mojo to activate the harvester, ask you friends to send you some” and this is exactly what I did. If they mention faucet I would do that. When using google I need to come up with a keywords. And “get a free mojo” did not bring up a faucet web site. With you help now I know. Thanks.

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