Newbie in Plotting :) Need some help to start building a plot

Hello, fast presentation I am new in this plotting. I come from france. Was mining in 2012 to 2015 with a lot of GPU :slight_smile:

So I came here because I want to test this CHIA. I like to build RIG and this look amazing !
Sorry for my english

I am here to ask you what is the config to star, I am lost if i need to start with SSD or HDD

I found some HDD X18TB SEAGATE EXOS is this good? if I start with 4 will be ok?
What base I need ? CPU, MB, RAM? IF i run a plot only with HDD is it good or need I some SSD too ?

Is it possible to run HDD and SSD together?

The software on Win is ok or should i go on Ubuntu?

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Good night

Windows is OK, all you need is fast NVME drive for plotting (creating the plot files) and large USB attached hard drive for farming (copy plot files to farm drive). Then you install the Windows GUI and … have at it. It’s really that simple! More plots = more lottery tickets = more chances to win.

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thanks for the answer, so how much I Need in TB for the NVME drive for plotting?
And if i take SATA HDD instead of USB HDD it’s ok? to farm?

The GUI will tell you but I think it is at least 250gb free per plot, maybe a bit more.

pretty much any modern HDD is fine for storing your plots. It’s the plotting process that needs as fast as possible.

OK thanks a lot, so if I understood For each plot I build I need have some space on the NVME ?

So i start to get it
I need the NVME to build the plot then i move it to the HDD to farm
so the more NVME I have the more I can build in a day then put it to the HDD to farm
so it’s look like we don’t care if about the space on the HDD only for the consumption because one big HDD will consumpt less than 10 HDD

So the NVME size depend on how much plot i want to creat in one time? and depend on what size I took for example KS=32 …

Am I on the good road?

thanks the community

You don’t need an NVME drive, but it’s much faster to plot since plotting is an IO intensive process.

Yes, best practice is to parallelize the plotting. Either by staggering plots on the same drive, or by using several drives (or a combination of the two :wink:)

Farming can be done on pretty much any hard drive, as long as you have the space. It’s not really an IO intensive process.

Yes, you have to be careful about the space available on the NVME, knowing that a k32 plot takes about 100GiB and needs about 250GiB of temporary space.

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thanks for the help mate :slight_smile:

And parallelize the plotting or staggering can be done on Win GU or better to make it with linux?

Is the CPU and ram important for the speed of the plotting or farming and plotting ?

sorry my english is worst

If you’ve never tried before, I highly recommend using the GUI first. Then, once you are confortable, you can switch to using the CLI.

If you want to parallelize, you need a CPU with multiple core/threads. I think the default is 2 threads per plot but you can tweak that.

You need about 4GiB of RAM per plot, so depending on how much you do in parallel, you might want to plan to have enough RAM as well :wink:

So good, I am reading everywhere! But very cool forum directly you help me :slight_smile:

I got it :slight_smile:
With 16core cpu
32gb ram ddr4 3200mhz

I can do 8 plots of KB=32 per day

And if I take 3x18TB HDD in 54days I will have 432 plot of KB=32

Is it possible to make a machine who only plot and other one who only farm?
Like transfert the plot file to a different machine to farm?

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Absolutely, it’s even recommended as plotting is highly resource intensive, but farming is very minimal. You can even farm on a Raspberry Pi 4.

Okay i will make this on windows

How you transfert the plot file created to a farm machine ? I mean with simple transfert protocol or flash?

Both the GUI and the CLI can do the transfer for you. When you create a plot you specify the destination (aka. farming) folder. It will automatically copy the .plot file for you.

You can also manually copy the .plot files however you want.

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You can probably do closer to 20 a day I would guess. I can do 10 a day with nearly half as many resources as you


Thanks for reply I bought the stuff to do it waiting my package.

I still have a question I build my setup on one desktop togeter but when my hard will be full and if i want more plotting when i plote to an other machine i need to start the GUI and only farming right? with same wallet ?

Hi all

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so I have a question what is the difference between M2 NVME compatibility and M2 NVME

Like x570 aorus Elite / ultra / master

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