NFT Chia plots for sale / 0.10$ per plot

Hello everyone. I sell my whole farm of ~3400 NFT Chia plots for just 0.10$ per plot. A 2.5Gbps FTP connection is available for download. Upon payment (method to be discussed), you will also receive all necessary keys (wallet, farmer public key and pool key).

whats an nft chia plot?

NFT plots are the most common type of Chia plots, also called “portable” plots. You can transfer and farm from any computer and are supported by the official client and all pools.

Probably should be mentioned that with the keys you can change payout address. So selling plots only really works with trust or if your on Flexpool with Flexfarmer as you can set payout address to a different wallet in Flexfarmer config.

How does it enforce that the NFT payout adress won’t be switched over to another pool? I don’t really follow.

NFT could be switched to another pool in which case the seller screws who he sold it to but gets no financial benefit. He’s also have to get mojos into the wallet to do so so he’d lose a penny.

wouldnt he get the money from the pool payout at the new pool?

No because the farming would stop working once the NFT changed pools as FlexFarmer only works on Flexpool.

Seems like the only benefit for the seller would be to double-sell those plots (every buyer gets screwed).

Theoretically, you might be right, as it is possible (I think), but the only reason I wanna sell my plots is because I am plotting with GPU (Gigahorse) and I have no need for my old plots. Keep in mind that electricity prices in Europe are high and it’s not worth double farming for half the rewards.

The issue is buying plots on keys you don’t control, which means the buyer has to trust you to not sell it multiple times. It has nothing to do with keeping farming.

Ploting services usually make nft plots tailored to the customer’s key.

What you are offering is a good idea in theory, but it’s too risky for any buyer. I wouldn’t touch those plots even if they were free (no offense - that’s just how I think).

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