NFT minting -

I’m completely new to NFTs but trying to better understand how they function.

I am trying to mint an NFT using

Anyone have experience with this platform?

It asks for a “creator DID” – I assume this is some variation of your wallet or NFT receive address?

Very little info online or in their Github page

Hi. This is just my opinion, but this might not be the best intro to minting NFT. The github repository for Mintgarden Studio is still under development and not a final release. If you’re a developer/coder, then maybe I’m wrong. But from an end user perspective, once it finalized, I believe the plan would be to either release a packaged tool or allow straight from the website. If you want to really mint your own now, I would suggest checking out some of these tutorial videos from XCH Foundation. xch foundation - YouTube

Also, a DID in this case is a wallet type for your identity. You can mint without a DID, with just a normal NFT wallet, or you can create an NFT wallet, DID wallet, and then a Linked DID NFT wallet and mint out of that one as well. The full documentation from Chia on NFT development is here: NFT Developer Guide | Chia Dev Guides

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