NFTs with data on Blockchain?

I was reading about NFT0 and saw that it by default it understands URLs. I know most blockchains avoid actually putting the NFT data on the blockchain due to cost, but why not make it an option, especially while Chia transaction fees are so low? At least for simple and small images (like logos/avatars) it might not be too much data. Maybe even small small audio clips.

I’m thinking there would have to be a “binary_data_format” header value in the puzzle along with the raw data itself.

Is this possible and only limited by transaction fees? Or is there some other technical limitation I don’t know about?

Also, would something like this be too complex for a first ChiaLisp project, maybe just a POC?

I feel like this is the only way to get True marketplace independence.

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If I remember correctly, there is some Marmot NFT that has successfully stored the image on the blockchain. Chia wasn’t very pleased about it saying that storing data on the chain is not recommended. But that is all I remember. Not sure if they implemented it as part of the NFT or whether it was just an experiment.

Thanks, looks like you’re right.

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According to a recent publication about their Vision for Chia’s NFTs, a part of NFT1 will be “digital permanence”.

It’s possible but a huge non-technical limiting factor (today) is merely storage concerns. Storing binary on chain isn’t technically challenging, but it doesn’t make sense for larger NFTs (hundreds or of megabytes to gigabytes).

The article says:

Better digital permanence by supporting multiple sources and cryptographic hash for the NFT digital files. In the future, provide integration with optional 3rd party partners for paid institutional-grade storage of NFTs.

It still sounds like the actual asset will remain externally hosted, but they will attempt to integrate with some a more permanent off-chain storage service/provider.

My impression is that the limitation is really about blockchain size, so the actual asset must be hosted off-chain to keep it from growing too large.

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