No block reward

Hello. There was such a problem 29.04.21 knocked out the block (at the height of 201641, address xch1j8vkxknuakd6lf2guefr8qpc3g9h0d3sujycq2u55zgkyw9q9egskjg3t2) But in the nodes tab, the wallet is on balance 0, there are receipts in the history. In the farm tab, there are also received coins. What could be the problem and where to turn?

Здравствуйте. Возникла такая проблема 29.04.21 выбил блок (на высоте 201641, адрес xch1j8vkxknuakd6lf2guefr8qpc3g9h0d3sujycq2u55zgkyw9q9egskjg3t2) Но во вкладке ноды кошелек на балансе 0, в истории есть поступления. Во вкладке ферма так же есть полученные монеты. В чем может быть проблема и куда обратиться?

i think you should blank out the last height farmed

Why such thoughts? Can I not hope to get my coins?

Looks like you are extremely lucky that you got 2 Chia with 2plots. I have about 150plots and nothing yet.

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2 rafts in the screenshot is not the main computer. I do plots on several computers at once. At the time of the block drop (29.04.21), there were about 40 pilots on the main one.

Are you sure the reward was sent to your wallet and not some1 elses? Check your config. Because from your screenshot I see two different wallet adresses in history (one that received the faucet and one that received the block reward).
And you should always blank the last height farmed. It poses a potential threat to you.

EDIT: Why I ask: There was a known attack on the official Wiki Page of Chia. The attacker managed to sneak in a malicious link for the Windows Installer (From 10.5.2021 09:15 - 10:03). So if you potentially DLed chia setup in that timeframe from the WIKI (not, one may have sent their block rewards to some1 else.

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i thought there was a risk if you expose your last farmed height, so i read on other posts.

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The address is the same everywhere (The first wallet) chia keys show-address xch1j8vkxknuakd6lf2guefr8qpc3g9h0d3sujycq2u55zgkyw9q9egskjg3t2. In the farm tab, the address is the same. In the config file.yaml in the xch_target_address lines, the address is the same.