No gui, windows chia plotter?

Dump win11…period and he will be happy

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@drhicom Win11 is fine… just Win10 changed looking for…who knows…Mac users… I don’t really know… gen something maybe??For our purposes, it’s practically the same. I have been using it (it’s a bit more painful initially because MicroStuff tries to spiff it up to appear aahemm -somehow better) mostly because it came on a couple small system recently bought to save electricity.

Bottom line, Win11P & Wi10P both for plotting & farming Chia (& MMX) perform very similarly…IOW just fine :nerd_face:

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It’s nearly the same as Linux. Ic. Is this the only tool for crafting plots tho in windows? Any other application that has a gui? I just can’t get chia gui going but it’s fine I’m only gonna use it as plotter. And passs the plots Off to rpi 4 farmer

I’m just using it as my gaming oc/plotter. Just need anything other than chia gui to creat good plots. Than Pass them over the network to my rpi farmer.