NoSSD - Are You Joking?

Seasoned Chia Farmer here using C7 compression on the standard software.
I am genuinely wondering about what to do with my raw 670tb of HDD space.

Completely confused by the rise of this No SSD crew taking 47% of the network. Are we all just to go there to get paid properly, or is Chia actually going to do something to level the field ?


CHIP22 incoming. Hope that sorts the NC out.

Longer term there’s a new plot format coming.

As for what to do, replot to Gigahorse.


Chip 22 is addressing only 2 issues: 1. Nakamoto coefficient, and 2. some relief for pre-farm ownership - think Bram / Gene [/ VCs maybe] interest (both assuming that NoSSD will implement it).

Assuming that NoSSD will not comply, the non-compressible plots will be the next step (say 1-2 years out). The non-compressible plots may have the same problem as the original ones - too myopic vision by CNI as so far 3-4 devs have proven that they can do better than CNI on the plotter side.

It does not address the lackluster state of CNI plotter, if that was the original question.


Give that man a cider :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


A hard fork also mean the potential of new rules for the entire blockchain including the premine. I’m most interested if CNI want to change the rules for their access to the premine.

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I really don’t care about the pre-farm rules, or rather nothing we can do about it. CNI is still a private company, so no one can stop them from changing those rules daily (if the board decision is needed, they can always vote by the number of shares).

Actually, I would prefer CNI to use (be forced to use) the pre-farm to run the company rather than to use VC money. The difference (for me) is that the pre-farm is kind of owned mostly by Bram / Gene, thus they would need to be more careful how to use it and what the XCH price is. On the other hand, VC money is a “free money” and looks like so far spent rather carelessly.


With 670TB of HDD space and using C7 compression, it’s confusing seeing the NoSSD group dominating 47% of the network. Switching to NoSSD seems tempting to ensure better payouts, but I’m curious if Chia plans to address this disparity to maintain a level playing field. Does anyone have updates on what Chia might do to balance things out?

Thank you

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For a start NoSSD are old hat, Gigshorse compression goes way higher, and also Dr Plotter. The only thing NoSSD have going for them is perhaps ease of use. As for better payout just use a traditional pool, then you’re not adding to the problem that NoSSD have created.

As to what Chia or more precisely CNI are doing, they bought the Dr Plotter technology and employed the author, not sure what they are doing with that. But they are also planning on releasing a more compression resistant plot format, so we’ll all need to replot again, but that’s some way off.

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You can ask directly…

drhicom is right, of course, ask, and they may give some futures to you. However, time’s a wasting. Why wait for what CNI might do, just replot to Gigahorse now and enjoy 2… 3 times your raw size and reap the rewards now. A XCH in your wallet is worth everythign compared to what has yet to be done in some possible future.

Personally, I would steer clear of noSSD, because of their secretive nature. But that’s just me.