According to their website, with 32gb of RAM, and 4 HDD’s, I should be able to plot a plot in about 17 minutes. Needless to say, that wasn’t working for me. I changed to 3 SSD’s, 1 NVME, 32 GB of RAM, and a 3060 TI, and the best I can get is 31 minutes. What am I doing wrong?

RAM is faster than any SSD.

No enough PCIe bandwith. Check if Your card is working x16, or less.

Where do I download more RAM at?


Thank you for the reply. It is working at x16 4.0

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Windows - this is Your main problem.

Also this is showing, that works at x16 1.1, not 4.0

So I just looked it up. While idle, it goes down to 1.1. Just checked it again after I started up the plotting… it is operating at 3.0

If this is in IDLE then its correct 1.1

I think you are fine with 17minutes per plot. If you want to go faster you will need 128GB Ram.

Thats the point. It’s not 17 minutes per plot, like it should be using 4 hdd’s (according to their chart). It is 32 minutes per plot using 4 ssd’s.

It depends on your hardware, not every SSD has same write performence. How do you connect this SSD’s? I guess SATA. So you are limited to that.