Nossd gpu mining

Right now I am plotting with my 3060 ti. I am also a gpu miner, and really hate to have a gpu card tied up with Chia. I debated using my 2070 Super to farm with… is it possible to use my 2070 Super to farm with, while also gpu mining? I also thought about buying a 1070, but at this point I dont even want to spend the $100 on Chia… I will only have about 1700 plots.

That amount of plots is pointless just stop Chia plotting/farming and save your money.

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which compression level ?

c15 (i need atleast twenty characters to post this)

I already have the 90 tb of hard drives… only money spent is on electricity, which i’m not worried about… i’m not doing this as a business, as much as a hobby obviously with my small size… but i want to do it as best as possible.

I have around 5000 compressed plots in Nossd but i quit mining cause my profit in month is around 30 euros so there is no point to run farm with this Chia price. I have 3 jpods and around 60 disks which i should start to sell but i am too lazy to do anything.