Nossd vs other pools - returns?

Hey All,

New to Chia and watching all the NoSSD hype, just curious if anyone has done a side by side comparison of the returns on pooling with NoSSD vs other pools?

For example, 2 x 1PB farms, one using NoSSD and one using some other pool, and compare the returns over 30 days or so?

I’m happy to do some testing but if someone else already did it, just curious on the results.


Feel free to do some testing and share the results, but the comparison isn’t one-to-one because the various ‘compression’ levels are not one-to-one. Also, NoSSD is completely closed source, so their plots only work with their pool. Where with GH or BB, the plots created can be used with any standard pool or even solo farming.

The closest comparison to NoSSD C15 (201% compression) is GH 2.0’s C20 (190.8% compression), but a better comparison would be with NoSSD C14 (188% compression). With equivalent compression percentages, and ignoring any fees, rewards would be the same. Operating costs will change though. GH C20 is 3-4x more GPU intensive than NoSSD C14, so 3-4x less plots can be supported with the same GPU.


I use Nossd but still waiting when farming starts and how much it use electricity which is very important and deal breaker if you get any profit. If i understand right i need to keep all drives and computer on cause otherwise it takes too long time to wake system up when needed, so this method used lots of eletricity. I dont know if it is possible to use less energy with other systems cause nearly everyone needs to use GPU and i am no expert but is it possible to do farming with low electricity consumtion in any Chia farming.

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You’re correct in that a side by side test would be the fairest but is also least likely to be done. Most people probably continue replotting due to leaving rewards sitting on the table with older plots, and there is little reason to 50/50 Gigahorse 2.0 and new NOSSD plots and not just pick one camp.

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share is fair :slight_smile: Nossd might get too big.
That’s why I like gigahorse and select a pool of wish or even do selfpooling… if you look at efficiency only than most likly nossd is the one…