Not all plots are recognized, but all are valid


Fixing one problem brought about a different problem:

Due to a blue screen of death, brought about by a bad USB drive, then upon rebooting, Chia complained about the config.yaml file. I knew that nothing was wrong with the file. I have backup copies from previous versions (I make a copy before any changes are made to the file), and still Chia complained about the file (even earlier copies of the file that I put back).

So I upgraded Chia from 1.2.3 to 1.2.5. That fixed the above problem, but introduced a new problem.
Now, not all of my plots are recognized. It is falling short by 830.

I checked 1 plot, on every drive, via:
chia plots check -g name_of.plot

Every plot that I checked, from every one of my drives, all showed a valid plot.
Yet, 830 of my plots are not showing up in the graphical application nor via “chia farm summary”.

I also noticed that this latest Chia version (1.2.5) populates in chunks. It starts off with 30 plots, and builds from there. But it seems to stall before reaching my total plot count.

I am going to run:
chia plots check
so that 100% of my plots will get checked. But that is going to take a long time to complete.

I just hope that the program will list any issues, at the end of its checking. I do not want to have to scroll up, forever, looking over every single plot.

Anyone else having this “some plots are not registering” issue?
Anyone know how to resolve this?

Thank you.

Off the top of my head I can think of two cases where valid plots are not being recognized.

  1. You forgot to add some directories to the chia plots list, either in the gui, or with chia plots add -d /path/to/plots. Or the wrong directories were added. You can check it with chia plots show, or check you plot directories in the gui.

  2. The plots are valid, but you haven’t added the key for those plots to your chia installation. The plots will still be declared valid, but will be excluded from your farm. Check you have added the proper keys. If there are issues with missing keys, it will show up in your logs.

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  1. 100% of my plots are located in the directories that Chia checks – all added via the “plots add” command, and all verified by me. I have no extraneous directories.

  2. I am not sure how to add keys, and I suspect that it is not relevant to my issue.
    100% of my plots were created with the exact same scripts, using the exact same command line.

Before I ran into my USB issue that caused my blue screen of death, 100% of my plots were recognized.

When I would run:
dir/s *plot
the file count would always exactly match Chia’s plot count. But since I did the Chia upgrade from version 1.2.3 to version 1.2.5, the plot count displayed by Chia is short by 830.

I am running:
chia plots check

It is taking a long time (due to me having thousands of plots). But I did see some errors scroll by. Something to do with duplicate plots (I think). But I have no duplicate plots. I am positive.

Something is amiss, and is going to take me a while to nail it down.

When the “chia plots check” completes, I will have more information.

Thanks your your reply.

Yes I did read your post before responding, lol!

Try deleting all of your plot directories and then adding them all back again. Wait between each directory addition for the circle to stop and for the directory to show up in the list before adding the next directory.

Please let us know if this helps or not, thanks.


Btw you can reduce time of the plots check by using -n option. Default value is 30 challenges, but you can reduce to 1 for faster check

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I once reduced the default value from 30 to 5 (I believe that 5 is the lowest valid value). That resulted in some plots not passing all 5 of the tests, which gave a few failed or invalid or false positive results (I do not remember the message – but the plots that complained were re-tested by me, with “30”, and all passed).

So the 30 value seems like a reasonable choice. It will run for 24 hours or so. But I feel more confident in that I will get reliable results.

I like that idea, and will try it after my “chia plots check” process completes (which will be 24 hours or so).

As each directory is added you can check to see if the plots were added correctly. At very least, if you do not find all of the plots again, you should get some good information as to what is not being found.

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