Not receiving any chia

Hello, I have got 565 TB of plots and it says I should receive 2 chia per 9 days, I understand that is aproximate but I haven’t received any chia for 2 months already, is it something to do with the harvesters? I have 5 servers running, as well as the latest chia version.

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Welcome! There are so many ways your setup could be screwed up…or maybe not, and all is normal, so to speak. Look around the forum, there are a lots and lots of (and even more) posts similar to yours…people wondering why they don’t win when the the GUI ‘says’ they should. Do all the check ups, monitoring. and good practices you come up with, and then hope for some wins, considering that then your farm will be in tip top shape.

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Are your log clean or you have warnings or errors, check it firstly! :wink: