Not receiving money

Hello, I have a problem, which is not receiving money after the transplant operation. I was receiving money before that, and now I have not received it for a while.

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Looks like something is wrong with your wallet database.

Go to the settings tab and find the “reset wallet database” it will restart Chia and make a new wallet database. Should only take a few minutes. I think it’s under “advanced” somewhere

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Hello, I would like to explain the problem to you better. Here are the results I did, but to no avail. Please help

Ok so I see a few things:

One: your total plots count in the farm overview, does not match the total plots in the pooling overview.
Are you using part pool plots and part OG (original) plots that cannot join a pool? If they are all NFT(pool) plots, then the farm overview and the pool overview should have the same total amount of plots.

Second I see incoming and then outgoing transactions. Did you do the outgoing transactions by yourself?

When you login to the pool dashboard, what does it show?

I still think most likely a problem with the wallet db + config file.

Depending on the answers for above questions, you might want close Chia then delete the config file (backup it up first) and also manually delete the wallet database file (not the full node database!). Then start Chia again.

wallet database is in C:\Users\yourusername.chia\mainnet\wallet\db

But lets first see about the answers, maybe that will clear things up.

Hello dear, I have a problem

The video shows you chia currency conversion operations that I did not do

Does this mean I have a hack?

Transfers are shown with dates October 1, 2023 12:06 PM and September 25, 2023 12:07 PM
The transfer was to a wallet address that does not belong to me
this is the address

September 28, 2023 2:56 PM
this is the address

I did not transfer these three operations to them at all, nor did I give permission for them either

Please help me now
Who do I talk to or is there a dispute committee for these issues?

Ok well that definitely looks like you have been hacked some way and the hacker is emptying your wallet at soon as funds come in.

If you did not do those transactions then I’m sorry to say but those coins are gone. There is no way to reverse a transaction.

You should fully clean that PC, format everything. And the Chia keys you re using can never be used again. The attacker almost certainly has your keys now.

Did you use any third-part software on that machine, or use a database downloader?

What happened is that I downloaded an application evergreen for the iPhone In order to withdraw Chia currency through it and on the iPhone The transfer happened easily, but after that I had a problem collecting the currency when it dropped directly into my wallet And go to an address I don’t know, as I mentioned to you before

Now what is the correct way? Should I cancel everything?

What is the best wallet to transfer Chia currency to that is very secure?

it is so fucking easy to implement two-factor confirmation for transactions and thus kill any oportunity for end-user to be hacked. but no, chia just fires bad(?) devs (maybe for good) and not hiring good ones as well.

good work!

I would, yes.

It really suck but there really isn’t anything you can do about missing XCH.

So you are using evergreen farmer? or just the Iphone app? Are you sure it’s really an app from evergreen miner?

anyway, yes I would format the whole system. Re-install windows. And make new keys for Chia (new 24-word phrase) and need to make new plots then as well. (might as well go for the new compressed plots while you’re at it)

The only thing you could try is to set a reward address (where the pool payouts go) to a new wallet with different keys. Might work, but I would not feel safe that way. Someone somehow got into your system or at least got hold of your private keys.

like back in 2000s every morning i woke up, format my drive and reisntall windows nt 3.5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

**Hello everyone **

**Everything was deleted and the system was formatted I also deleted all the plots **

Now I have approx 45 TB The system that you have in the process of producing the plots

Very slow. I want the best site through which I can buy parts plots

I also want to know the best way to protect the new wallet now that it is in the synchronization phase

If there are lessons explaining the protection process on YouTube, I will be very happy

Greetings to all

Always farm to a cold wallet, never put your cold wallet keys into anything (but keep them somewhere secure as you will need them later), if you need access to that XCH then use a PC you trust.