Nvme heat issue

I checked the nvme temperature while plotting with mad max. The result is as in the picture.
Does this temperature slow down the process? With v 0.5, the result is 3843.

i9 9900k, MSI MPG Z390, 24gb ram, 1tb sandisk 3d nvme

I am no expert but i thought 60c was semi universal limit.

I also use hwinfo64 (picking sensors only) as my accurate 3rd party monitoring.

depends on the drive, but a lot of them throttle at 70c, some can go bit higher

You can check the specs for the max operating temp, if exceeded, it usually start to throttle

Worst comes to worst, get a really large heatsink and stick it on with the heat transfer foam (you can use what is in the package or get something like Thermal Grizzly pads to attach the heatsink. You just have to make sue that you remove the sticker from the NVMe otherwise heat transfer is limited/reduced by the sticker(s).

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Yes sticker impedes temp transfer, but it also usually is brought back into temp spec with a heatsink (with the sticker still) … And then still has warranty if needed.

I never removed the sticker(s) on mine that are using the 2 heatsink/hold downs that came with my motherboard. I just thought I’d bring it up if it was a serious enough issue. As for the warranty void, Who cares when it comes to Chia. Chances are that the warranty is void once the TBW is met under the number of years (up to 5) warrantied by the manufacturer. In my system though, I just have 3 large 140mm case fans in the front and I assume the lower one is blowing enough air to keep temps in check. No issues so far on my exposed NVMe on a PCIe card.

My 2 micron 2300’s where running at a almost constant 96c until I put a be quiet Aluminium heatsink on them. Temps then dropped back between 60 and 79c.

Some heatsinks (most) use heat transfer tape or heat transfer foam to stick the heatsink to the NVMe. That in itself will damage the sticker if it isn’t removed properly.

I made a few observations about the heat.
1- I cooled the nvs with a fan. temperature did not exceed 50 celcius. plot time 3600
2- no cooling whatsoever. heat , 70 celcius .plot time 4000

This is consistent with how NVMe drives (most flash drives for that matter) work. They tend to throttle at large loads with excessive heat.