Opening Port 8448?

Trying to open port 8448. Setting up additional harvester.

Sorry, is there a question here? Yes, you should forward port 8444 to your primary farmer if you have multiple farmers on the same network.

Meant to say tried opening port. It’s still closed. Tried making rule through Windows and on router. Still closed. What now?

same here…

port 8444 and port 8447 are open though

Are you trying to connect to your additional harvester remotely?

Why did you open port 8447?

Read it somewhere on chia resource site to open 8444, 8447 and 8448…

There is a difference between open ports internally on your local network, and open ports to the ole interweb. Your 8447 needs to be open on your internal network (I think 8448 too? maybe not). 8444 needs to be open externally…that’s the important one.

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We really need to open forward those ports? Coz Im under CGNAT, cant open it on router, tryied an ubuntu server connected to VPS and nothing changed.

8447, 8448, and 8449 are only used for Harvesters, Ffarmers and Timelords to communicate with each other. There is no advantage gained from opening them unless your machines cannot connect to each other.

You would only ever need to open them on your router if you had remote machines in these roles and your “main” machine was unable to be on the same IP for some reason. This is both highly impractical and highly insecure, and I’d love to know the particular circumstances that necessitate this kind of setup. Short of such necessity, ports are closed by default for a reason. You really shouldn’t leave any ports open unless you need them.

I don’t know where you read about opening those ports, but it definitely doesn’t sound reputable.

Locally, however, you may need to manually open the ports if you are running separate machines as these roles and are not using the .exe file on your “main” machine (or on Linux). For example I had to open port 8447 on my Farmer to communicate with a couple of Harvesters over LAN. But not to the public internet.

So, if i have a port foward 8444 in my router, i dont need to have UPNP enabled?