Optimal Plotting for 10700K System

Hi Folks

I’m just started to plotting/farming and learning things. I like to ask your advice for plotting settings.

First the config:

i7 10700K 8c/16t
2x16GB RAM
2x1tb 3500/3000 M2 for plotting.

As for now i m trying to optimize best performance TiB per day.

1 - 4 plot parallel with 30 mins delay 2 threads each M2 total 8 plot around 12-13 hours.
2 - 3 plot parallel with 30 mins delay 2 threads each M2 total 6 plot around 8-9 hours.

Other settings are default. 2 x HDD dedicated to each M2 to transfer plots.

So, my questions ;

1 - Am I bottlenecking CPU, RAM or M2? I feel those are not optimal settings. Any advice to increase performance?

2 - Since threads used mostly in phase 1 and M2 starts to erase temp files at some point, Is there a safe time, phase or percentage to add next plots without waiting all plots finish like after phase 2 or 3, or after %40, 50, 80?

3 - Could it make any sensible difference adding 32GB more RAM?

Thank you.

Try mad max plotter, your nvmes can temp1 and two, you should be able to do <35 mins per plot.
Your ram is more than enough for MadMax.

I’m a bit confused. How to use both M2’s for plotting, what is the command for this?

A:\ B:\ Plot M2’s

D:\ E:\ Final Directories

You saying use both M2’s for one plotting I guess? First for that 25 percent and the second for rest ? Like :

-n 5 -r 12 -u 7 -t A:\ -2 B:\ -d D:\ -p publickey -f farmerkey ?

I m running it with two power shell splitted threads 8 by 8

-n 1 -r 8 -u 7 -t A:\ -2 A:\ -d D:
-n 1 -r 8 -u 7 -t B:\ -2 B:\ -d E:\

or is it better to use one power shell

-n 1 -r 16 -u 7 -t A:\ -2 B:\ -d D:\ ?