Optimizing Plot Speeds

Hi all,

Looking for a little guidance here… I’m trying to optimize my rig and I’ve gone through much trial and error. I’ve got 200 TB plotted and about 200 to go for now. I’m getting 35-40 minute plot times with the following build and specs. I feel like I can be doing better, based on what I’m seeing from other people’s similar and sometimes lesser rigs…


128 GB DDR4 ram
Asus Tuf Gaming Motherboard Z590
Intel I9 10900k (10 core)

Plotting with MAdMax k32 plots on Ubuntu. My script for running is the following…

screen -d -m -S chia1 bash -c ‘cd ~/chia-plotter/build && ./chia_plot -f -c -n 1 -r 16 -u 256 -t /media/hespori/allotment/ -2 /media/ramdisk/ -d /media/hespori/magic/ |tee ~/mmlogs/madmax1_1.log’

I’ve taken away addresses and for the sake of this post. This is averaging around 36 minutes per plot. Running 16 threads because that seems to be what the available ram can handle after the 110g ramdisk.

Anyone offer me any advice whether or not I can achieve faster speeds?


Take a look at this YT channel below. It has (IMO) the best advice on how to fine tune your plotter.

I have a i9-10850K/64GB RAM/980 PRO 1TB and use -r 20 (20 threads) and get about 29 to 30 minute plots without a RAM disk. I think you can do better. Is your -d (destination) drive slow? If so, consider using another SSD as the intermediary, even if it’s a SATA SSD.