Optimizing Plotting (Help)

Hello guys,

I am using swar plot manager to manage my plots. I have 1TB 970 Pro right now and I dont know how to optimize this. Should I give max_phase_1 value to 3 plots or should I give 1? I am finishing phase 1 about 3,5 hours. I just cannot decide what should be the max_phase_1 number.

I have MSI GE 75 8sf with 970 pro 1TB another 1TB on the way.

The total plotting process is completing about 8 hours. My setup is: max_phase_1 = 3 and stagger minutes of 120 minutes right now.


No one knows the answer?

You’ll need to experiment and see what you find out. 8 hours sounds about right for parallel plotting on that drive on a mid-range CPU, though I don’t think you mentioned the specific CPU which is rather important.

My CPU is i7-8750h and thanks for the answer :slight_smile: