[OPTIMIZING-PLOTTING] I need you expertise help

Hello Chia Community.
I just decided to start mining XCH
I am very excited but I need your help to optimize my plotting time.

X Technology Limited have the following SSD space:

9TB x 2
7TB x 6
Total TB: 60 TB

and the following computer specs:

The plotting configuration I have used now is :
PLOT SIZE: 429.9GiB (k=34, temporary space: 1041GiB) aka 1.5TB
RAM max usage: 60000 MiB aka 60GB
Numbers of threads: 30 threads
Number of buckets: 128

I think I may have configured the plotting wrong, how would you configure the plotting based on my spec to optimize the plotting time?


What plot timings do you have? 4h? 10h? 24h?

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I am just getting started. I dont know what plotting timings I have.


Kinda looks like you’ve 12x’d the ram you’d want to use per plot (60gb vs ~4)… would try without touching the default first. and that’s a lot of threads too… totally unnecessary, imo. and why k34?

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I would try RAID0 on those SSDs for fastest plot speed, but keep in mind that this will “destroy” your drives in a month or so.
My best guess is 8x k33 plots in parallel but with an offset of 2h from each one so that the second plot starts when most of the heavy CPU works on the first plot is done.
But each rig has his own personality so you might have to fine tune it along the way.

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I will try that right away.

Forgot the plot specs:
Threads: 4

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Why are you doing k=34 when you should be doing k=32?

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I always liked to start by finding the optimal number for each config setting, thats why I always start with maximum to see the optimal speed stats. Then use this stats as a “referance” to configure the setting down by getting help and hearing what other people have used so I can start finetuning at a later point when adding new TB.

Thank you!
Its now up and running.


Its plotted 85GB in 15 minutes. I feel that is low, dont you agree?

Yes, it’s normal to be that slow. I have a i7-7700K and real fast SSD and it takes ~11h to create a k33 plot.
Don’t try to get it right at first try. Let it plot and continue your research. If you need to make changes, just way for it to finish and then do your tuning.
At least you have something to start farming.

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I agree on you I need to let it finished, I will try out your config and let it run to all 12 plots are finished. But just wanted to make a note on the plotting GB speed, cause it felt very low with only 85GB.

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Here is more info on the plotting process:


Start simple. Start with the defaults. Don’t make things complicated when they don’t need to be…


I will try that on the next HDD and compare.
Thank you, I know sometimes choosing the default configuration is best choice BUT I think its also good to try different settings to get a better understanding of the possibilities.

You are always optimizing from the wrong end. You need to reach for the low hanging fruit: Goliathus Mousepad Mobile Komplett Edt. should be replaced with the Desktop Extreme Pro Edt.

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One way to think about why not to do 33 or 34 is that it takes two or three times as long to finish a plot. If you made a mistake somewhere, you’ve lost all that time. But if you do a k 32 plot, you’ll learn the basics that apply to k 33, 34 and also avoid the risk of wasting more time.