Parallel plotting question, thread/ram setting are per plot or for the whole thing

when parallel plotting 3 plots with 4 thread. is that thread number for each plot (sum up to 12), or is it 4 thread for all 3 plots? the same question goes for ram

You mean when plotting via the GUI?

I believe that it is for each plot.

If plotting via GUI the settings apply for EACH plot.

So for example typing in 3390 MB RAM and 2-threads this is only applicable for each plot even if you select 10-plots.

If you typed in 4500 MB RAM and 4-threads this would then apply for each plot and it is not distributed divided by the number of plots. So if you had 10-plots active and plotting it would be consuming 45,000 MB RAM and 40-threads (or 20-threads if you set it to 2 per plot).