Payout the chia token from miner client wallet

Hi i´m new with chia and i earn 3 chia´s. how can i trade the won tokens in euro

Find an exchange that pairs xch & euro.
Possibly an easier find, xch & usd.
Then pull to bank which converts to euro.

And this is my problem. I cant find to Exchange Chia to USD or Euro. I am new in this Mining system. My Skill ist Not good.can you help me ?

Hmm, maybe there are none. Look here. Click the markets tab.

None showing for fiat, but usdt or btc available,thst can be sent to a larger fiat exchange to cash out.

Or theres stably, you can research that, it allows p2p i believe as theyll do the banking transfers.

Im unsure if stably deal in euro…
Id guess itll be exchanged on sending by the bank.

What are you doing with the Chia coin?

Hodl for a price rise.