PCI-E 12 Port SATA card

Hi to everyone. Can someone share experience with PCI-E 12 Port SATA cards, are you using them, how many can you install in a single motherboard, are there some known issues, etc. I was wondering about purchasing several of this type:

Thanks in advance.

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sounds suspicious, why not just the six port pciex, I get them for $3 on alibaba, they work fine

also the pciex ‘SAS’ cards allow more connectors, and have the multi connectors on the card, and the cables allow lots of drives, again same price about $5, note SAS cards can talk to sata

lastly, your $69 is real BS, because the actual price should be less than $10, so this is a scam

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I am not sure where have you found your 3$ card, can you share some links? I was looking for 12 port to maximize number of disks on a single motherboard. Do you have some experience with them? Will it work as expected?
I have searched for SAS/RAID cards, but there are none in that price range. The best I have found are for 50$, but I must configure the drives as RAID0 with them, since there is no JBOD/single drive option for those.
Can you share some SAS cards/links if you have found better one than me?

yes that would be nice, but think that should be 30$, 3$ is just too cheap even for Alibaba

wtf, its has a hole on the card or an ilusion?

Pretty huge hole. :slight_smile: Still wondering about it’s purpose. :slight_smile:

Maybe it is for routing the SATA cables through? Would be nice in a tight fit especially with 12 cables!! :slight_smile:
I ordered one, I’ll report back sometime next month when it arrives.

No way, why would anyone bend those cables around? Plus, SATA cables are pretty short, we need them longer, not bend around the controller card. :slight_smile:

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True! It looks suspiciously the same size as that other heat sink so at first it seems like maybe it is missing another chip (24 port version??) but 1) there wouldn’t be a hole if they were just offering a downgraded version, it’d be missing just the chip and 2) the heatsink size is way bigger than the chip so the hole being the same size doesn’t matter.


Why stop at 12 ports? Look at the variety of 16 port card for cheap from $20 on ebay 16 port sata products for sale | eBay

Sorry I don’t have experience with those shown, but an SAS adapter minimizes cabling hassle and connections. Here’s a good explanation of the different card types in this discussion. Not all cards are created equal, performance-wize. hard drive - How do PCIe to SATA expansion cards work, and does my PC support them? - Super User

When considering the cost of hard drives connected to it, it seems a bit silly to cheap out on the controller too much. Quality is worth a bit, I would argue.

Oh I don’t - I currently have 60 SATA drives connected on an old motherboard through two 6-port SATA cards, each port going through 1-to-5 port multipliers. Speed even through all of that is fantastic especially for Chia farming. SAS is far too expensive comparatively - some of the SAS cables alone cost more than my port multipliers! Don’t need that extra performance and don’t need that extra maintenance headache with drivers and stuff - SATA “just works!” :slight_smile:

This single 12 port card (which does support FIS switching for my 1-to-5 port multipliers) would replace both of my 6 port cards leaving room for…ANOTHER 12 PORT CARD and ANOTHER 60 DRIVES :smiling_imp:

Actually it looks like this can also be a 16 port card. If you zoom in, you’ll see there are missing headers for 4 more ports (5-6, 7-8) right on the left of the big hole. My guess is that the hole is so you can route the cables from those ports through the card instead of up and over the cables at the end of the card?

I’ve used this card before, it’s no good. I switched to an adaptec card instead. Would not recommend.

Pls, can you be more specific, what were the issues, did you had more than 1 on the same motherboard, was it unstable or just non-working at all?

I posted something “similar” and got some pretty good tips on my thread… I have 25 12TB HDD's full of plots... how do I attach them to my PC?

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can i have link from where u buy this for $3
i cant find

I find your ‘3$’ suspicious, links?