Pci-e ssd solutions


share your experience with those:

  • sandisk fusion iomemory px600
  • samsung pm1725(a/b), pm1735
  • intel p3700
  • and so one


what, nobody tried? i don’t believe it :melting_face:

I originally used normal NVME drives at the start, then when I got my Dell T5810 workstation I started buying 200GB Intel DC S3710 SSD’s and put them in raid 0. They are enterprise grade and have a huge TBW rating.

I then spotted a Intel DC P3700 1.6TB PCIe card advertised as a P3600, so snapped that up, again very high endurance rating - 16TB of drive writes per day for five years, that’s about 30PiB TBW.

I now run 5 of the SSD’s in a hardware raid 0, then soft raid 0 that with the P3700 which gives nice read and write speeds, and the drives are effectively never going to wear out.

PS now running a Dell T7910 with 512GB ram, and two GPUs and 10GbE.

neat! thanks for reply. what could you say running just one device with no raid at all. how the speed of plotting, does it really keeps up to 2.7gb/1.7gb r/w per second or there some lags occur?

I have two GPU’s a 3080 and a Tesla P4.

The 3080 takes 2.6 minutes to produce a C7 plot
The Tesla P4 takes around 7 minutes for a C7

I was plotting to just the P3700, using it as a staging drive, and what I noticed was the P4 plot was written to disk in less than a second, but the 3080 was taking up to 30 seconds, which I thought weird, so you had 160 + 30 = 190 seconds, or just over 3 minutes total plot time, which makes quite a bit of difference over the day.

I queried this on Discord, and Harold said that during plotting the plot is written to disk, so on the slower plot more is written to disk and by the time it completes pretty much all the plot has already been written, but on the faster plot the disk can’t keep up, so when it finishes making the plot there is still quite a bit to write to disk, hence the longer write time.

He also said in the future, RAM permitting, Bladebit will immediately start another plot whilst the last one is flushed to disk.

So to speed things up I decided to use the two in Raid 0, and it has decreased the write time for the 3080 to about 10 seconds, but it varies.

Running the two GPU’s at once and copying plots off across 10GbE does slow things down a little, but its negligible, barely makes a difference.

Apart from a speed test I did the other day when I had my Windows 10 SSD in I got the following.


I can test it later on Linux, but got other stuff to be doing at the moment.

All these speed improvements are a bit academic for me at the moment, I replotted my farm to C7 back in June using Windows 11, but I enjoy the results, and I need to replot my brothers at some point, and when C8/C9 becomes available I’ll probably replot to that dependant on my farming hardware’s capabilities, which I’ll need to test.

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so… for the single device this is gonna be near 2.5 / 1.5 gb/s. thank you man.

just got one of these, any idea how to make it work in windows? not detected in bios, also hot as hell. like 90+ degrees

A quick Google would suggest you need to install a driver, and I would suggest a fan as well by the sounds of.

try to download it you will see the problem

I don’t see any problem???

It downloaded fine.


didnt work with chrome for me. thanks.

Lol, no wonder you have issues with chia.
Stumped by a browser.
The mind boggles.

The times I have to use a different browser, amazing just how many websites don’t test their sites on the worlds most popular browsers.


yeah, moreover their site looks abandoned, they have 2020 year in the footer.

But does the driver work?

PS I used Firefox, tried Chrome this morning and no go.

not really so far …

looks like there is no way to make it work under server 2016/2019/2022

server 2012r2 is the latest supported one. too bad waste of time and money.