PCI-Express Multiplier for SATA Controllers


Somebody is using PCI-Express Multiplier to add more SATA Controllers?

I added 2 PCI-E Multiplier to attach 8 SATA Controllers (with 8 SATA ports) on the my Farm PC.

But, sometimes the PC freezes. Notthing in the Event Viewer is registred. The PC freezes and I need to restart it.

The motherboard is a ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-F Gaming with Intel Core i7-10700k and 32GB RAM DDR4 (Dual Channel 2x16GB).

I activeted the 4G Decoding in the BIOS.

Are you talking about pcie bifrubrication or what do you mean with a pcie multiplier?

You wanna put more than one pcie card in a single pcie slot with a x16 or x8 lane to 2x x8 or x4 lane splitter?

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I will send some pictures to explain.

Take a look:

The parts are:


Are you running all of this on that single 850w PSU? If so, you might be overloading it, or at least the 5v rail, which is usually only good for 20-25amps or so. See this research by @uChiaFarmer. Might try adding another PSU and splitting the load between them.

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I Have 3 x 850W PSU.

One PSU to CPU/Motherboard/Risers
Two PSUs to Disks Drives.


I see your problem, you forgot to connect the thingamajig to the whatchamacallit.

Thats an amazing setup BTW.


Why don’t you buy a SAS Controller, a cable and a SAS Shelf instead of this mess.
Controller is like 10-20€ cable around 30-50€ and the empty enclosure will be around 150-200€
all from ebay.
This will give you Hot Plug connection to 24 drives per enclosure that can even be daisy chained up to 9 enclosures.
This looks like a hell to troubleshoot.