Pcie ram add on cards

Hello first time poster, been a chia lurker since $1000 XCH. Jumped back in a few months ago and following developments Was always hesitant to buy a bunch of plotting equipment but now it seems pretty reachable with GPU plotting and HDD compression looks interesting. Have a question on 64gb ram requirement with gigahorse, I have an old gaming PC but only takes 32gb ddr3. Found an old pcie card part number r587g. Looks to be an old ddr2 ram add in card with 64gb capability. Besides being slow over pcie, and mega slow ddr2, could this be used to meet ram requirements for gigahorse through a ram disk or any other means? Would it be like a 64gb ssd? And last would it even work since it’s an old dell card. The use case is giving 64gb capability to a PC that can’t hold that much ram, instead of buying a whole new platform and putting GPU,ssd,hba etc

I don’t really want to be the one that tells you to take that box into the back yard and shoot it. You might be able to use it for a harvester, have to try. But you can get away with a farmer i7-2600 32g of system ram and video card k2200 which will work. have to try.

what machine is it / cpu / chipset ?
how many dimm slots?

Older models often have RAM limits based on the maximum module size of the time, but can still fit the large modules. (not all though I would think)