Please help! found proofs with no reward


Today is the first time I see these messages in my chia log. I started creating NFT plots today for pooling:

2021-07-08T18:40:22.577 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO     3 plots were eligible for farming a94e2d8a82... Found 1 proofs. Time: 0.64015 s. Total 1192 plots
2021-07-08T19:17:27.251 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO     1 plots were eligible for farming cbcc1792e7... Found 1 proofs. Time: 0.60915 s. Total 1192 plots
2021-07-08T19:18:02.628 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO     3 plots were eligible for farming cbcc1792e7... Found 1 proofs. Time: 0.76118 s. Total 1192 plots

But I don’t understand why I see nothing as rewards in the Chia GUI.
I don’t know if have some issues with y network, or I am submitting slowly I don’t know.

In the GUI:

Could someone help me understand what I have wrong? What I will have to check ?


On the wallets page, is your wallet synced?

Yes. My Wallet is always synced.

Maybe the explanation is here with the pooling:

from the Chia Network: Pooling User Guide · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki (
Step 5: Manage your Plot NFT
You should see your plots in the Plot NFT interface. The status should say “Pooling”. From here, you can see your difficulty, the number of points earned, and how many points the pool thinks you have (points balance).

The difficulty is a value that is different for each plot NFT, which determines how hard it is to find a proof for those plots. This will get set automatically so that your plots find proofs very often (every few minutes or hours). Each proof found will award you with difficulty points. Farmers with many plots will have a higher difficulty, to keep disk usage low.

Points are a way to count how many proofs your plots found. Each k32 plot will get on average 10 points per day, independent of what the difficulty is. Points are NOT the same as Chia (XCH). Points are just a value that reflects how much farming you have done. Think of it as an accounting tool. It is the responsibility of the pool to periodically reward you with XCH based on how many points you obtain, and then reset your points back to 0.

Hope that someone could clarify. I could not understand if if is the reason I start seeing these messages of found proofs.

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It seems to be truth

I suppose you see any chia rewards with these found proofs like me.
Continue trying to understand…

As I can understand it’s just a proofs for pool you have some plots to know what part of pool you takes and calculate your reward

Seems like these are the low difficulty proofs used to send partials to the pool. Not full blocks. Did you think you won 3 blocks in an hour with only 1192 plots?

No. I had many doubts :smiley:. It was very strange for me as it was the first time I saw these messages.
Thanks to gladanimal helping me understand it better.

Sounds like they could have named it something else in the logs since up until now finding a proof was something totally different.

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Hmm if you are on a pool, those are partial proofs. Not the proof of solo farming.

yeah as someone mentioned above its just a partial proofs

So that partials means not a valid proof? That does not make sense to me, because I have seen farmers winnings blocks with few plots and low difficulty.


It’s not that they aren’t valid. They are just submissions to the pool so they can track your participation. They are called “partial proofs”.

So chia.exe should add a real proof column?

it could come in handy