Plot failed to open - but valid


I have a small farm with 110 TB and today I started using gigahorse with a 1660 and 16Mb in win10

C17 takes me 37 minutes but the problem is that I have 1088 k32 plots and the first compressed plot gives the gui error. It does not display a message about missing keys and enable gpu farming is on.

I checked the plot and it says is a valid plot.

what is really wrong here? Any suggestion


Which version of GH are you using, early versions didn’t support BB compressed plots, you need the latest version.

I’m using gigahorse 2.1.1

I tested again this morning and the problem persists.

Something is wrong but I can’t figure it out.


How are you starting the GH farmer ?

Because it looks like you are just running regular chia that can’t open the GH plot.

You have to run the GH farmer first, then launch the Chia GUI.
Before staring GH, make sure all chia processes are stopped.

P.S. I can do a K32 plot in 13-14 minutes with my 1660ti on win10, so you might want to look at a better ssd for temp drive.

I hadn’t noticed it was a c17 plot, so likely started incorrectly.

that was the problem.

I just opened GH farmer in powershell and waited for the plot to be completely created.

After that I opened the GUI and this message appeared, I did ok

the plot is already recognized. I ve just delete two old uncompress plots and add new one, so total 1087.

But if i close the Gui and start again the plot is not recognized

I realize that there is a conflict of versions here, but how can I resolve it?

Thanks again

Those versions are fine, it always gives that error, as long as the two versions match it’s OK .

When you close the GUI it will close GH, so you need to start GH, then start the GUI.

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