Plot not showing in pool

Hello all

I have a problem plot not showing in The number of plot I have is 387 plot I can’t properly link on pool The version used is Version 1.8.1 | 64 bit

please help

see pic

When you make plots, you have to assign them to a poolnft, by using the pool_contract_address
Or when you use the GUI to plot, select the poolnft from the dropdown menu, in you case that would be “Amaranth Alpaca”

But Amaranth Alpaca currently shows 0 plots assigned to it. So the plots you have are either not plots that can be used with a pool, or they are assigned to a different poolnft.

Hello dear

all Plot generated via MadMax Plotter I work on a pool Core Pool Now I just want to change the pool, and I don’t know how to be the right way

An important note when baloot was generated through a program

been used only Farmer Public Key + Pool Public Key

Then you are using the old plots, those cannot change pool like the new ones.

There are only a few piols that I know you can use.
Foxypool (germany)
Hpool (china)

How to join should be on their websites

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Hello I have a problem that appeared, which is the following

First, I can’t relate to pool

Plot is missing

As shown in the pictures