Plots ok on hpool but deemed invalid by Chia GUI

Hi. I have 100+ plots (plotted w Chia GUI). Successfully connected with Hpool with both hpoolminer and web interface giving the correct power and online status.

However the Chia GUI and CLI both deem these as invalid. Error “failed to open … badbit or failbit after reading size 104 at position 0 traceback”.

Would anyone know how to rectify this?

No operational impact right now, but if one day I wanna go solo then I don’t want 100+ plots to be invalid!


Sounds like you stumbled on a path that leads to a way to cheat hpool with fake plots they deem valid but are not valid for Chia and thus can never win any XCH; i.e. you will get rewards from the pool, without ever contributing winnings to it.

Understand these C++ errors are repairable, and not caused by faulty plots but more with files and directories moving. Any insights on this will be appreciated.


Do you have the HPool miner running when you try to do this? Because HPool has the plot files locked when it is running.


Yes the miner is running. This is helpful.
Lemme shut it down n then check. Thanks

Sometimes the GUI seems to deem plots invalid, even though they check out fine with chia.exe check plots. A restart seems to remedy this.

For my case the CLI also deemed them invalid…

Ah, is that there way to handle double farming? It seems there still a lot of it going on on HPool

Did u manage to fix it? have same issue, plots used in hpool are invalid in chia gui

There is nothing to resolve. If you have the plots being farmed by the HPool software, they will not farm in the Chia software at the same time. That is called double farming and it not allowed. If you shut down the HPool software, then open the Chia software, it will work. Choose one or the other.