Plotter motherboard suggestions

Hello everyone. I’m trying to build a new full ram cuda plotter around the ram I already have laying around. I have 8 Corsair lpx 32gb gaming ddr4 memory (non ecc). I’ve been doing lots of research and still am but I’m just curious if anybody is using something similar to what I want to build. What’s a good cheap motherboard I can put this in?

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Most desktop motherboards don’t have 8 ramslots.
So you are looking for either server/workstation or HEDT (high end desktop)

Workstations are one of the best options for budget I think. But because they often use proprietary stuff, it’s best to use the whole case, and not just the motherboard. Something like a HP z440, lenovo p510/520.

Supermicro serverboards are an option, they have plenty ones that are (E)ATX standard.

Third option, HEDT, is something like AMD’s Threadripper, or X99 motherboards from Intel.

Most boards that can take Rdimm(and/or ECC) can also use regular Udimm, just not as much of it., But 256GB should not be a problem. Do check the ram compatibility beforehand though. Not the official specs, they will be outdated, but forum posts etc.

I have used a Supermicro X9DRi-F board before as plotter. (Dual Xeon v2, DDR3)

And currently I’m building on an Asus X99 board with a Xeon v3 and DDR4.

The advantage I find of X99 boards is that you can use Xeon v3/v4 that are super cheap on ebay/aliexpress, but you can still use regular ATX stuff around it. And Xeons have a lot of PCIE lanes available. They can take both Rdimm and Udimm memory. Only problem is that they are not exactly cheap. I have been stuggling to find one below 100$, even though they are quite old already.
Still they offer a very versatile platform wihtin ATX spec.

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I’ll vouche for this option Voodoo mentioned. I use a P620 Threadripper Pro 3955WX. Easily do 256GB (ecc) or much more memory, eight memory channels, 4 full PCI-E x16 slots, 2 PCI-E x8 slots, x2 M.2, w/heatsink,1000W PS, 10GB ethernet etc… It’s a real workhorse.

here is one Lenovo Thinkstation P620: Threadripper PRO 3955WX 16 core, 64GB, 1TB SSD, 10GBE | eBay

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it depends on your budget and where you live

central Europe, most server/workstation stuff is still too expensive.

I like SuperMicro stuff…I have X9 dual Xeon series…even in Switzerland, you can get it for like 400$ including dual E5-2697v2

RAM is tricky because all server stuff (most likely also workstation) require special RAM modules tested by the manufacturer. 512 GB DDR3 did cost me 500+ €.

If you feel adventurous, get EPYC SuperMicro deals from China…you can get 256GB DDR4, EPYC >24 core + MB for about 1500$…of course, there is also import fees/tax

After reading all this I’m definitely going with the x99 chipset. After reading through a few forums it seems to do well with non ecc gaming memory and that’s exactly what Im looking for. Thanks guys.

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