Plotting as a service

Currently, I have plotters available with capacity around 1800 plots per day (on average). I am interested on selling them as Plot as a service. Is 1eur per plot good? I might change the price as the demand increases.

My servers have 10Gbit connections and are located on Europe. Let me know your thoughts.

at that price i wold buy 100 plots, but i have 300 mbit connection so 1-2tb a day cold download only

For that price, i want to buy to, :slight_smile: intresseret into 350 ish! :slight_smile:

I will be setting up the process so it’ll be smooth. I will reply to this thread once it is done. Thank you for the interest.

Do you mind sharing your setup? I am curious.

I currently have 80 servers with 4 Core CPU + 2x500GB SSD plotting at the same time. I currently use it for personal setup but I plan to sell plotting service once I have finished plotting all of my hard drives.

Do you mind sharing the CPU model? I can barely get 20 plots per day with my 8-core 3700x. Also, 2x500Gb SSDs only allow about 4 plots in parallel.

I currently have Xeon E-2236 and other similar processor. Yes, I currently only do 4 on parallel but I immediately transfer it to a storage server once the plot is done so it will be efficient. I currently get around 4 plots every around 3-5 hours depending on the processor.

How? I can’t even do that with a CPU almost twice as powerful. What SSD do you use?

I use delays and other optimizing techniques. I also use Ubuntu 20 (server). I currently get around 5327.571s on phase 1, 3054.487s on phase 2, 6140.06399996s on phase 3 , 429.868s on phase 4 on average.

Thank you for the plotting insights. Can you tell us the SSD you use?

Currently, I don’t have brands as I don’t also know (provided by server provider) but it is enterprise grade.

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The service is available now for 1eur per plot. I can accommodate up to 500 plots per day. The price will still be the same once the pool plots are available.

Minimum is 50 plots. I will upload it on a downloadable link that you can download for up to 7 days.

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Can you offer a link or a way to order? Thanks for your reply,

I just want to give a useful info that maybe you haven’t seen around, hetzner and and ovh have changed tos policy and ban users that plot on their ssd … this may be useful in case you are risking your main work deploy for a side project… i don’t know if that’s the case… just want to be helpful… have a nice day

No worries as I have my own hardware to use.

Please send me a pm so that we can discuss further.

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I am interested at 1eur per plot .

I’m still offering the service with bulk options upto 0.8usd per plot at 1000 plots

I will be uploading the plots at backblaze b2 for download for 7 days.