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Hi! Let me introduce our chia cloud plotting service.
You can get 1 plot absolutely free, without any commitments. After you make an order, plotting starts automatically and you will receive download links by email. Plots are delivered via our servers in Europe.
We can generate up to 50TB plots per day. Prices are starting from $2 per plot.
Plotting Cloud

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Hey guys, tried sending a couple emails to you but they all keep bouncing. Could be a problem on my part, just thought I’d let you know :slight_smile:

That’s strange. What address did you use? Please try to send here:

I’ve tried both. It might be because I’m sending from Protonmail, and your spam filter has issues with protonmail?

yes, looks like our mail service considers Protonmail as spam. Please write me a direct message if you need anything.

This price with 30% discount is just $0.42 per plot (from 100 plots)