Plotting compressed plots under another pool contract

Hey there,

I finally got to replotting my farm, and i decided to produce compressed plots with another pooling contract to have my plots separete in to two groups. Uncompressed plots still be farming into ONE polling walllet while compressed ones into another.

Is it good idea, is it bad idea, is it indifferent?

Thanks! :man_farmer:

I created a second plotnft on a different pool (so farmer key stays the same and pool contract address changes), and put my compressed plots on that one. So this way I can keep track of both. In the end it doesn’t matter but it gave me a way to check that the compressed plots are working.

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If you farm on flexpool we will merge them stat-wise as long as you use the same payout address. On other pools you’ll have two different pages. Besides that, no real difference besides the annoyance of remembering to track both.

I farm solo, like a Han :grinning: