Plotting for friends - best strategy?


because of waiting for some additional hard drives, I have some plotting capacities, which I would like to share with friends of mine.

What would the best strategy for this:

  1. 5 plots for friend a. Saving on …/frienda
    After that:
  2. 5 plots for friend b. Saving on …/friendb

While 1. and 2. are processing, I want to add friend c with 5 plots to the task list. And so on …

Which is the best strategy vor this? Can I realize this with plotman? Any hints for the configuration file?

Thanks for your Ideas and helping

I come up with 2 solutions.

  1. If you two are friend, why not just plot with your key and share profit if you find a block. Similar to limited partnership/company style
  2. You ask your friend for public key and plot for them, but then again I’m not sure you can farm with 2 keys in the same machine. However, if it’s only plotting, this is definitely possible.

You only need -f and -p for public keys

Thanks for answering.
Because of the long time for finding a block and the fact, that the hard drives of my friends are located on different places, option 1 is not workable.
With CLi I can do this indeed without problems. But I want to automize the process and have some nice statistics while plotting is going on;-)

I haven’t used plotman before, but what you have planed should be possible with Swar’s Chia Plot Manager. You can set up multiple “jobs”, each with its own keys, number of plots to generate and destination folders and then run it on autopilot. It’s a great tool and simple to use.

Thanks for the hint. The tool looks great. I will give it a try.