Plotting ( Not Farming) to a USB Flash Drive

Hello all,

I have recently started plotting Chia, and I would like to do so in sort of a “scavenge what I can find” style. I repurposed six WD 500GB 3.5HDDS to do some plotting, but given the fact that we will have to re-plot for pools, and I will only be plotting a total of 40TB, I don’t want to put any of my hardware at risk. So long story short, I am not interested in plotting to my m.2 drives or any of my OS drives on any PC. If it takes me 60 days to fill 40TB, so be it.

With all that in mind, I have 3 of these 512GB SanDisk USB 3.2 flash drives from my work since our NAS sucks and people use these instead when needed. Can I plot to these without wrecking them in a few plots? I can’t find any published TBW specs on the drives, and I would rather not brick all 3 quickly, but I do have 12 cores and 12GB of RAM spare in my rigs to set up sequential plots with these 3 drives. Most consumer grade SSD’s seem to be in the 600-1500TBW realm, so maybe flash drives are 50ish% of that?

My thought is if I plotted (slowly) about 20 plots each, for 60 plots total, that would tax the drive with around 30TB written which should be no problem. Right? Maybe? If my chances to brick one drive in this process are in the 10-20% range, I’ll give it a go. Otherwise, I’ll refrain and let those 7200RPM WD Reds whirl away for 50ish days doing 1.25 plots per day each.

Thanks all

Edit: realized I never linked the exact drive.

I would write an an email to SanDisk and ask for the drive-endurance.

There’s other topics on plotting to USB thumb / pen / flash drives. These kinds of drives generally have awful performance so I wouldn’t get your hopes up.