Plotting on Digital Ocean

Just sharing about a little experiment that I started last night:


I have one droplet that is doing 2 plots in parallel, and one droplet that is doing just 1. They have both completed a single cycle and I’ve downloaded 3 plots to a local harvester (direct download to the NAS).

By my calculations, it will cost about $3 per plot, which I think compares pretty well with some available plotting services.

Thoughts? Questions? I’m just trying to get some additional plotting velocity, as I have a lot of empty space to fill.


Hmm, $3 per plot. So that means a modest old 10th gen 6c/12t NUC with 2 drives (one SATA, one M.2) is earning me … 6 simultaneous plots at ~27000 secs each… or 7.5 hours… that’s 3.2 plots per day times 6 = 19 plots or $57.60 per day in plot value?

That means it’d pay for itself in 10 days? easily within 20 days?

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If someone was going to pay you for the plots, yeah I guess so…

You’re getting 6 simultaneous plots from one of those nucs at 27k seconds each?.. wow… i’m only getting 4-5 parallel at ~34k seconds. I guess it’s not the same setup as that one guide, since I’m only using the m.2.

I used the SATA SSD and the M.2. It’s crazy not to use both I/O paths available to you. SATA SSDs are no match for a fast M.2 drive, but they ain’t exactly chopped liver, either!

(Needless to say, I kinda strongly disagree with the way that guide was written, but hey, people gonna people.)

I wish I had picked your brain about it, because plotting speed is what’s holding me back. Even with 8 different types of machines going (locally), I’m still only in the 4-5TB/day range. I have another machine coming this week which will hopefully do ~6-8/parallel.

This cloud method doesn’t scale, there’s a limit to how many plots I can feasibly download… these 2 are already producing ~7/day and I think that’s about the most I’m going to do.

What do you disagree with? Super curious

Just an update here… so I’ve been doing this for 12 days, have downloaded an extra 90 plots at a cost of $270, pretty much exactly what I estimated… $3/plot.

Echoing what I said above, I don’t think it scales to download much more than this at home, I imagine Comcast might have an issue with me… but when I expand into a local data center, I might be able to quadruple this setup to gain more speed.

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If any one interested, I have couple VMs available for rent in our lab, would be plotting a lot faster.
12 CPUs 32Gb Ram, 1Tb SSDs in Raid0, and 5Tb Hdd.
18 Cpus 32Gb Ram, 2Tb NVME, and 5Tb Hdd.