Plotting Ubuntu issues/support


New to the forums and never used Ubuntu in my life so we are off to a good start…

Ryzen 9 3950X
DDR4 3600 mhz 32gb
2 TB nvme 5000mb write

A single plot using 8 threads and 6750mb Ram I am finishing in 6 hours 15 mins. 4 plots in Parallel (inputting 32 threads and 27gb) im finishing in 10 hours 20 minutes without staggering anything

My question is, Ubuntu keeps crashing. I came home yesterday to black screen so had to restart. Today it restarted itself and again now Chia recovered itself but I have a crash report and plots arent really progressing. Looking at the system monitor not all threads are being used as you would expect.

I understand Ubuntu doesnt require any drivers I simply installed and downloaded chia and started. People say its 20% faster than windows so worth sticking with if im causing the crashes with silly mistakes?

The crashes seem to come when im attempting to queue multiple plots.

  1. plot queue 10 set 8 threads and 6750mb
  2. plot queue 10 set 8 threads and 6750mb
  3. plot queue 10 set 8 threads and 6750mb
  4. plot queue 10 set 8 threads and 6750mb

my theory was that should plot 4 at the same time to a max of 40 plots. But am yet to successfully complete any plots

Plot default 4 in parallel 32 threads 27gb ram didn’t seem to crash (did two complete runs without issues)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to stagger (do a 15 min gap between each process and set the RAM to 4000, leave everything else default and go)! If it still crashes and burns, check your /var/log/kern.log & syslog for errors. You just might have a H/W issue. If so it will illuminate in the logs. Oh, go ahead and set your cpufreq to whatever the socket supports so it doesn’t power save throughout rhe process.



Thanks for the reply.

I’ll set Ram to 4000, why not the max of 6750 though?
By default do you mean 2 threads?

Is this following my way of setting 4 plots with a queue of 10 each and just manually waiting 15mins?
Sorry never set cpu freq before. Whats that?

You can set the threads to 3, they are only used in the initial phase. Latest cut of the software does even use all that RAM (3800 or so). Go to and look at StorageJMs nice writeup on plotting on the Intel NUC. He tells you all about it (keeps your CPU at full throttle all the way through :slight_smile:

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Ok so 4 plots with a queue of 10 each with manual interval of 15mins?

If you want to automate stuff, check out plotman. It’s very useful.

It’ll just keep plotting and you can config it to do plots in parallel.

I wouldn’t use up all the threads though. Leave some for other processes.

Here’s what I’d do with your setup:

  • 6 plots in parallel (the limiting factor is your 2 TB nvme)
  • 4650 MB RAM
  • 4 threads
  • 15 min stagger

I haven’t found using 4 threads to be that much faster than 2 on my MacBook, but ymmv

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Thanks, maybe that was the issue filling all the threads. I’ll try plotman. I guess if I got another 2TB nvme I would drop the Ram, how far could I go?

I just had one plot fail using 2 threads 4gb error 'caught plotting error: Matches do not match with number of write entries
Failed to execute script chia

Which Ubuntu are you using?

Ubuntu LTS All 6 plots have stopped over night. Freezing between 34-60%

I’m running 10 parallels on Ubuntu and it never seems to exceed 32GB of RAM used (I actually have 64GB in the machine) and seems to be very stable.

I think the difference between what we are doing is that I’m using plotman to stagger them out, while you’re running the jobs concurrently and it’s ending up running out of RAM and having to page to the hard drive (very bad).

When you use plotman to stagger them out, the RAM usage per process rises and falls and they average out to < 32GB.

I feel like basically every answer to plotting questions is to use plotman :slight_smile: and I feel like a broken record, but in this case it is definitely true that it will help you a lot!

Good luck and let us know how you go!

Thanks, I’ll try plotman again. I managed to download it via github onto ubuntu but havent figured out how to set it up. The wiki says to just type plotman config generate but that just says command config not found. Might need to understand ubuntu more first. I checked youtube but couldnt see a tutorial for it

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For now I’ve just set 6 plots in parallel with 30 minutes delay. 4650 ram 4 threads. I’ll see what that looks like when I get back from work

It’s your memory! Gene (president of Chia) has stated on the official Keybase numerous times that Chia plotting is the better memtest. Either you’ve got a bad module or it’s just not up to the Chia standard! I’ve already had to swap memory twice on two plotter builds. Also I’ve learned most mainstream motherboards are configured for gamers now (who knew?) and default to overclocking the world. I actually have to use the “overclocking tools” to manually input the default settings for memory settings and Ryzen default voltage. To get you stared: your memory should “most likely” be at 1.35v, running 3200MHz (can be confirmed by the label or their detailed specs on their website) and Ryzen cpu’s should be set to 1.33v.

ps if you haven’t built many computers from scratch, bad memory modules is like #2 on every system integrator’s troubleshooting list. I horde extra “known good” modules for exactly this reason

Linux is the “backbone of the internet” and was designed to run 24/7, it should not be randomly freezing/crashing if the hardware is solid

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Thanks for the reply. It’s 3600 and I did have to over clock the motherboard bios to allow it to read it. Max is 3200 so might lower it back down to that. Built pcs before but haven’t played around with over locking cpus as they have always been overkill already for what I want. I’ll look in the bios later and see what the cpu is set to. Its 3950x in a msi x570

good news! 12 hours later and the 6 plots I set have not failed. 30 minute delay, one has finished, plot 2 is on 92% and plot 6 on 57% so definitely an increase in time lowering the ram and threads but no crashes. What do you think a realistic amount of plots a day should be with this setup? I think im happy with 1TB a day but doesn’t seem very ambitious compared to some of the numbers I see on the forums

I use 2 threads for each of 8 plots. Never fails. Run in parallel. Stagger 45 minutes. 5 plots on a 2tb nvme and 3 on a 1tb nvme. I7 Intel processor 32 gb ram.