Pool farm contract desapperared after wallet update

Hello everyone,

I’m writing here hoping to find some help for my pool farming problem.

A few days ago I updated the wallet and something went wrong, the pool contract in the pooling section of the wallet disappeared, and I was just solo farming.

I rejoined the same pool with another transaction, but I’m not sending any proof to them even if the pool difficulty is set to 1.

The pool admin on discord told me to re-sync the whole node, and so I did, after 5 days of synchronization, I restarted the whole system and still I’m not with the pool.

I really do not want to replot everything, it will take a very long time, and it is nonsense, because I replotted already from OG plot to Portable, and I don’t see why I need to replot to join a pool again, else why call them portable plots?

I hope to get some help here.

Thank you

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When you resynced the main db, did you also resync the wallet db.

That’s normally the only thing you need resync to fix those kind of issues.

Certainly dont replot, this will be fixable somehow.

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I think I resync the main db not the wallet.

Do you suggest to resync the wallet db as well?

Definitely, that should have been what your pool advised firstly!

If its not that, it’ll maybe be .yaml issue, or dust storm, but id bet wallet db resync will sort it.

The wallet will resync very quickly… or should if you’re on 1.3.4

Yes I’m on the last version, I’m going to try it out now


Once its sorted just check your payout address for that pooling info, they often changed after updating the client.

Thanks everyone, I’m farming again with the original contract, I had to resync the wallet and not the whole DB.

By the way thanks a lot for the support


Bones is the man… Back to farming…

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Takes more than one to build a great community :wink:
Enjoy your day.


I was trying to get some beer out of you :joy: :joy: :joy: