Pool or Solo? Difficult question to answer

I have a result of one year pooling with space pool for one of my nft. Please give me your results if you pool or go solo.

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I’m a huge fan of pooling and paying the 1% fee to even out payments. Your farm could just as easily pull a 700% luck followed by a 500% luck block and you would only have 4 Chia to your name had you gone solo for the year. Too risky at 104TiBs IMO.

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how you calculated this number? according to calculator with 100tib you would get around 12xch per year. what 28?

YOU read carefully freaking laugher kevin, with 100tib eta is ONE block per two month

You have been undoubtedly lucky, in the top 0.2% statistically, probably somewhere closer to 0.2% - 0.3% since I used the current netspace and odds as the basis and it has been increasing over the year. However, on the opposite side of things, if you were just as unlucky and in the bottom 0.2% that would result in a win every 18 months.

Over time you should expect the odds to average out, but as you have experienced even 1 year isnt even enough time to see a consistent average for 100TiB. Pools let you average out your rewards so that you arent negatively (or positively) affected by statistical anomalies.


long-term, with at least 700TiBe, you will be better off solo.

in theory, long-term it should not matter.

I used to be at pool.space…till 11/2022 I have had >4 blocks found…then 0 for over 6 months

I switched to solo, got about +15% compared to pool.

I dare to say, that any pool (unless it is 100% transparent) takes more from clueless farmers than they like to admit. It is easy to cover in the sea of bullshit because you cannot prove it :wink:

One exception, I saw since 2019, was Maxpool where guys were transparent, and we shared all rewards…of course, it was for people with balls, and brain…we hit the block every 4-6 weeks…patience is the key

from pool side of the story…there are always so many poor that do not understand economics, and for some weird reason, post-apocalyptic kids believe others are here to serve them…FOR FREE.

Kids whine with just 1% fee (unless, you have many miners/farmers…you will end up as Flexpool…bankruptcy)…3% fucking thieves…10% grand theft auto ROFL

so you get free SW, free plotter, you basically earn “money” for nothing, yet you refuse to share…poverty 101 :wink:


You have to consider halving as well. If you can’t win a block every week with your farm, you need a 800TB farm to do that. I would go with a pool.

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@1.4PiB, solo has provided me with 176XCH over 12 months, all uncompressed.


it looks like the average is about 1 XCH/100 TiB - I have same results with smaller farm.

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