Pool Plots, How many do I have?

If I have a mixture of old style plots and new pool plots. Is there a way to see how many pool plots I have?

You would have to separate them manually.

Yikes, What I mess! 20 Characters

Another forum member was supposed to write a script for this, but he’s been AWOL. I assume his absence means he is working furiously to create something amazing, but… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I like the humor.
Ya I see how you can identify them doing the check, But wow that is still a mess.
I can see how a script could be made for this, But I only know enough to modify other peoples. Creating one from scratch is to high level for me right now.

A little late now, but the way to do it would have been to have separate folders per drive. An “OG Plots” folder and a “Portable Plots” folder. Then you can deal with them as needed. I would recommend doing that now. Then to find the others that are mixed in, just figure out what day you started doing the new plots and any plot with a creation date after that, NFT plot. Then move it to the new folder.

Ya, I have been going by date. But was wondering if there way a way to simply check. Ill keep chugging on as it is.

Actually I took that idea and simply added a folder called OLD and moved the plots in there… Barely missed a beat.