Pool ratio W/CF (read as: workhorse vs. cunning fox)

Today I checked - after 30 months of activity with the space pool - the revenues from the pool in relation to the blocks I won.
At 0.5 PiB - the deviation in my favor was exactly 0.505%.
So the pool (members) added minimally to my profits.

So statistics are “doing their job” here.
So it looks like my farm is functioning honestly and properly for all pool members…

If only there really was a 100% tool to give the farmer confidence
(even in the GUI) that the farm works properly when online,
However, I would probably prefer to farm solo…
You will ask why - …for these emotions… :wink:

What do your pool rates look like in the long term?

But still… I am such a 0.5% cunning little fox.

You can create a second plot NFT and create a few plots for it and join the pool of your choice with it. The other (main pNFT) you can switch to solo. Stats that you get from the small will also apply to the big one.

Although, the reason you are more or less spot on with your profits is that your pool has much shorter win times than you would have if running solo. So, you may as well be off one way or another a lot if you run solo. For instance, a 500 PB pool will have 1k longer effective time duration than your farm.

Hi Jacek!

I have been thinking about creating a new NFT for half a year. However, my bad luck of 1090% introduced uncertainty…

Just create 100 plots or so, and that will give you all stats needed.