Pool Space "Your Rewards" section

The Pool Space “Your Rewards” section shows what XCH you earned at various times.

The “Yesterday” stat has been showing 0.0036 most of the day. This evening I’ve seen in reduce at least 4 times and it now shows 0.002789.

This is not the “last 24 hrs” stat but the “Yesterday” stat. I would have thought that would be midnight to midnight probably Europe time and should suddenly change to whatever today’s earnings end up at, not continuously change downwards.

Any thoughts?

I don’t want to use discord so can’t ask there.

In case anyone is interested, this morning I checked and they’re upgrading their stats section and the ‘Yesterday’ stat is currently unavailable. Maybe someone there saw my post, who knows.

Their Discord is really the place to direct these questions and to find out about maintenance. They posted this over a day ago:

We have overhauled our stats system under the hood that will allow us to display hour-by-hour stats 7 days back (and further in the future). To transition between the old and new stats systems, the “Your Rewards” section will have some values disabled until the transition is done. The ETA is 24 hrs.