PoolChia hit a SuperBlock! (not really)

Woke up this morning to a nice payout from poolchia. Seems we hit a superblock this morning. NICE!

Congratulations, but what the hell is a SuperBlock?

Honestly, I’m still a little unclear. This morning we got rewarded 5 blocks at the same time. Same height on the chain. The announcement from the pool said we hit a “Super Block”. Not something I can find any information on in the chia documentation. If anyone has a link to some info, would love to see it.

I’m going to need to see proof of this before I buy into this claim.

Here is the pool wallet. Look at block 578,846 repeating 5 times this morning.


looks like someone is cheating

Explain. I don’t understand what you are showing.

Block at that height has 5 occurrences of address you gave, but with “Miscellaneous”, not “Farmer reward”.

So it could be some manipulations.

So I have a question:
How to check pool works correctly, showing all rewarded coins?

The dev that is normally on discord was up all night, he is currently sleeping. He said he will have “more details” when he comes back online. So maybe that will help clarify for us.

This is something I will need to learn more about. Currently, the way I know we won a block is that my points reset. Well, that is the first thing I notice. There is also a “block-notifications” section on discord (and when the dashboards are done, they will have all this information). After that, I check for a payout. Beyond that all I know is the wallet address for the pool (which I posted).

I guess to know if it all went well, I would need to know what my points balance was at the time of the win. Also the total points awarded in the pool at the time of the win. Then do the math and make sure I got the proper payout.

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As I can understand, points are reseted on pool payout, not on pool win coin. They are two different events ))))

That’s true. Pool informs you. That’s like we must believe pools we joined.

So lets dig how to check pools not fooling us.

Currently on PoolChia, the payout is instant following the win. That will change in the future, but for now it is instant (no minimum payout amount).

I think the only way to monitor it without relying on them would be to look at the wallet of the pool. And even then, you would have to rely on them to provide you with the points balances (for the pool and for you) at the time of the win to calculate the expected payout.

So knowing when the pool wins is easy. Ensuring you get what you are due is dependent on the information they provide to you and I don’t see any way around that.

Well, the explanation is out. There is no such thing as a Super Block. Which is why I couldn’t find anything in the documentation. What was happening was some sort of bug. The pool had been winning steadily since launch but because of some bug (either in the reference code or PoolChia’s modified version) the system was not pulling down the winnings. It pulled the first one and then stopped. So, the “SuperBlock” was them recognizing the problem, fixing it, pulling all the block wins and distributing them all at once.

Trust me, I’m confused and honestly a little irritated/concerned. But they are doing a write-up on the situation. I’ll post it when I see it.

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If you see the transaction as “Misc” then that will mean it’s a proper pool reward. Some pools fake this by combining their 'Farming" type rewards with the “Misc” to make it seem like they’re winning more.

Ours was just a 5 block drop. More details to follow.

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What is a superblock?

Basically a misunderstanding. It is explained in this thread.