Pools Not Working After ReInstall

My computer crashed and I reinstalled the Chia GUI. I’m using Linux MINT. Before, I had about six pools I was using and probably 20-70 plots per pool. Now, I have it running again, but the plots don’t show up on my pooling page. Status is “Pooling”, Number of Plots is “0”.

After I installed the Chia GUI 2.0.1 I added pools the from flexpool.io as I had before, but I cannot verify the names of the pools. I didn’t write them down from the earlier install. There were about six of them.

Anyway the Pools aren’t recognizing my plots. How do I get the Pools to recognize my plots again? Or if I wanted to send all my plots to one Pool, how would I do that?

The Plotting Manager shows all of my plots “Farming”.

Thanks in advance.

When your computer crashed, why did you reinstall Chia, rather than power cycling your computer and continuing as you were?

Is 2.0.1 what you were running at the time of the crash?
If not, what version were you running, and did you try that version before proceeding with 2.0.1?

Did you save a copy of your config.yaml file, from when all was well?

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Yep 2.0.1 on both. I reinstalled over the old, I did not have to enter my wallet passphrases again.

I added a plot to one of the pools and it is working. Pool Copper Emu, Number of Plots = 1

I thought I had a backup of the config file, but it turns out not.

I found a good backup of the config file. Thank you! All is well.

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