Port multipliers plus cables for 30 SATA drives

Hey everybody, I’m tearing down my DIY JBOD that I describe here: Scalable DIY SATA JBOD - Will store over 250 Disks! Everything works great! I just found some great deals on SAS equipment so I’m moving my plots over. I’ll be updating that thread with some more info and details on the new setup soon!

This bundle will help you connect 30 SATA drives to your PC using a single PCIe port! It includes these items:

1 Six Port SATA PCIe add-in card (it will be one of these):

6 1-to-5 SATA Port Multipliers (connect these to the 6 port PCIe card and then 30 drives)

6 SATA to molex power cables (use these to power the port multipliers)

6 36” SATA cables (use these between PCIe card and port multipliers)

30 24” SATA cables (use these between port multipliers and drives)

15 1-2 SATA power cable (Y-splitters)

4 1-4 SATA power cables (chain style)

Here is a picture of the whole bundle together. The port multipliers are mounted back-to-back so there are actually 6 in the picture even though it looks like just 3.

I have FOUR of these bundles available. Each bundle would cost you about $400 USD on Amazon. I’m asking for 2 XCH* per bundle.** Free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

If nobody is interested in paying via XCH, I’ll be putting these up on ebay for around $300 USD.

* Price subject to change if XCH price changes drastically. 1 XCH is currently ~$135 USD. Please PM to lock in agreement.

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I’d get it if I was in the US, but I’m not ready to pay for international shipping and not looking to build a JBOD in short term anyway. It’s probably going to sell right away, with all the work you’ve put into building your farm :slight_smile:

I’ll provide escrow if you or the buyer wants it. Feel free to pm me!

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