Position in the spacepool ranking


Does anyone know how many TiB’s you need to “conjure up” to be in the top 1000 pool players?

Just more than the lowest player!!!

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Why am I asking…?
Position #50 - 10.8 PiB
#100 - 6.7 PiB
#1000 - ?
I wonder if I would have a chance at top1000 by converting the remaining OG plots into plotyNFTs, adding them to the current level I have in the pool.

If I create a new plotNFT, with a new address and save it to the same pool, will the pool not sum up both results as one share? Will I be treated as separate positions in the ranking?

Probably somewhere ~ give or take 3/4 or more of a petabyte IMO.

There’s a daily ebb and flow so varies like high tide and low tide if you will.

So right now at 1300 it’s closer to 900TB - 1 petabyte currently it seems.

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Thanks for the info, jazsimps!

So I think that since I’m currently between #1800-2200, even if I switch everything to spacepool - I won’t be able to become a respected member:
…no matter what, I’ll try to have a nice day…
I’ll look on Amazon - maybe someone is selling a new 18TB HDD for $30? :wink:

No one will be able to tell you the exact plot.
You always fluctuate with the TiB size… And so does your rank.

And then the others will keep plotting so that you fall off again.

But let’s take a look at a current submission
6035 plots … in spacepool: 1.577

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Move to Foxy Pool, you’ll be ranked in the mid 40’s with 900TiB :wink:

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Why not feed my ego…and go to migpool and be numero uno… :wink:
Seriously - I was curious how the places were distributed in relation to the size of the farm - because spacepool only lists the first hundred.

On the temporary estimation hill at:

I’m here: