Price Drop-off Due To Plot Filter?

Can I assume the XCH price drop-off is due to the fact that those who were ‘‘milking it’’ with mega compression have now given up and sold all their XCH ?

Job well done then. Farm on…


Ripple FTW :joy: (20 chars)

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The price drop off has been a near-constant slow thing - the only semi-recent big price jump happened when Bitcoin had IT’S big price jump and AS USUAL drug most other cryptocoin prices up with it.
The plot filter has had little OR NO effect on price.

Profitability on the other hand has gone UP some the past week due to many farms dying or dropping effective production a lot due to not planning ahead for the plot filter change, thus in effect dropping the effective total Net Space.


According to me the drop in XCH price could indeed be attributed to traders who were utilizing mega compression strategies deciding to sell off their holdings. It might stabilize conditions for those focusing on farming.

That MIGHT be a short term factor, but the price drop has been a VERY long term constant in Chia - the only exception I’m aware of was right after CHIA announced it’s IPO (there was a fairly large jump right before the “our IPO bank died” announcement).

The continuing Netspace reduction is what’s helping those of us still farming - but it’s only about 10% now, so it’s NOT enough to compensate for long and DOES seem to be somewhat recovering very slowly.

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