Probably out of order signage point IDs 54 and 54

getting these about once every 2/3 hours. Is that bad and if so how bad.

My guess is I missed that opportunity to farm and it not good but ok if only every few hours.

I just started running chiadog and i am getting a load of these messages

[2021-05-11 20:59:18] [ INFO] — Probably out of order signage point IDs 12 and 27 with timestamps 2021-05-11 20:59:15.353000 and 2021-05-11 20:59:18.341000

I don’t know what it means and if its bad - my plotters are a mix of Linux and a couple of windows PC’s accessed over Samba from a single full node/Harvester

I have rock steady challenges according to harvester logs :
21:00:03.486 3 plots were eligible Found 0 : 2.08019 s. Total 908 plots
21:00:12.407 1 plots were eligible Found 0 : 1.76779 s. Total 908 plots
21:00:19.421 5 plots were eligible Found 0 : 1.20923 s. Total 908 plots
21:00:27.355 0 plots were eligible Found 0 : 1.46926 s. Total 908 plots

Yeah I had that on on NAS (docker) and no one would help me on Keybase. My guess is basically that round of farming f’ed up due to network. So very bad indeed.

Is the farmer powerful enough???

Moved the farmer to an amd ryzen and issues has gone.

The Farmer is a Ryzen 5 3600/32GB running Ubuntu 20 and apart from the chia gui/full node/farmer its idle - load average is diddly squat

I have, temporarily, got Ethernet over power adaptor as the plotters are upstairs and the farmer/full node downstairs by my side (and the internet connection) - i don’t have any choice over this as most of the kit will have to reside upstairs and i have no wired ethernet possible, but the farmer will be going upstairs soon

Mine is

Ryzen 5 3450g/16gb hardwired to internet. My difference is windows.